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How to Enter an Event

Formatting your events according to the following guidelines will help make them easier to read. Events are subject to review and may be edited by our staff after they are submitted to fit our guidelines.

E-mail Address/Promo Code: You must enter either the e-mail address for your account or a promo code to list an event. You can create an account free by clicking on the Sign-up link under LOGIN in the left column. If you are logged in, your e-mail address will appear automatically.

Title: Add a short title. Try to put the distinguishing characteristics of the event in the first few words. Short titles just long enough to distinguish your event from others are the best because they are the most readable.

Date: Click on the "Date" field to bring up the date selector. You must have JavaScript enabled to see the selector. If you don't, please enable it so that you can enter the date correctly.

Time: Enter the starting and ending times for your event. Please enter "Noon" for 12:00 pm. We prefer the AM/PM format using lowercase letters ("am" and "pm"). For example: "11:30 am to 1:30 pm".

Postal Code: Enter the Zip Code where the event will be held. We need the postal code so that we can identify the geographical area and present the event to people nearby. If your event is online or broadcast (a webinar or a TV show, for example), check the "National" box and leave the Postal Code field empty.

Place: Enter the address where the event will be held as one line with the elements separated by commas. For example, "San Francisco City Hall, 400 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102". If you don't know the exact address, you can often use a public website such as Google, Mapquest or the U.S. Postal Service ( to help you get it. If your event does not yet have an address, then enter "Address TBD." and add a note to your event description to tell users how to RSVP so that they can get the address later.

Event Description: Enter a description of your event that tells us (1) Who will be speaking (if you have a specific person making a presentation), (2) briefly, the topic (usually in five sentences or less), (3) the price for your event or the word "FREE", (4) a link to where they can find more on the Web, and (5) any additional specific information, such as how to find a location that is difficult to find or where to park. This field uses an HTML editor to allow you to easily enter formatted descriptions. You can also click the "HTML" button and enter HTML directly into the field.

Meetup Link: If this event has been listed on, enter the full URL to reach the specific listing. You can get the link by clicking on the listing in the Meetup calendar and copying it from the browser address line.

All events are subject to review and may be changed at our discretion. Only events that are open to the public may be listed, and all events must pertain to the topic of our website: green homes. "Green homes" includes any topic related to sustainable, energy-efficient and/or healthy homes and their environment, including landscaping and locating to facilitate their greenness. It includes all phases of building, operating and decommissioning.

Thank you for contributing to Green Making!