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You can be a community maker by listing your resources and sponsoring Green Making! Pick your level of involvement.

: When you list a resource Green Making promotes that resource to the community. We display it on our website in the geographical area where you make it available. Visitors with a Website Membership see it listed in their geographical area, which helps to match up people with the resources closest to them. You can list any information, service or material that contributes to a greener environment.

: You can expand your presence in the community with a Community Membership. Community members get their own community page on our website, where you can promote your business or organization. Your logo is also added to the resource pages, making your resource stand out. And we add you as a sponsor on the group for your area. Green Making has over a thousand Meetup members, promoting your resource to just the people most likely to be interested.

: For maximum involvement in the Green Making community, sign up for a General Sponsorship, which provides all the benefits of the other levels plus makes your presence known on every website page. Green Making also promotes your resource in our messages to the community. Fill out the form below and note that you are interested in becoming a General Sponsor.

Helping build the Green Making community helps create a better environment where people live and work. Each time someone picks a green product they make the world a little better. That’s how we make a future everyone wants to live in.

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It's easy to try our six month sponsorship by signing up online. You simply provide the key pieces of information that make your advertisements stand out. Already a sponsor? Edit your listing.

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Green Making is located in Sequim, WA. All Meetup groups currently available are targeted to the San Francisco Bay Area or the Portland Oregon Area. Please contact us or go to a signup page (above) for more details.